Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying this great transition into spring. Here at SCR, we have been very busy securing the very best samples in order to provide the readers with great pictures and reviews.

Price:120 per 1/4 - 450 per oz
Purchased: Downtown Atlanta
Lineage: Indica Dominate
THC: ?

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: This bubba has great bag appeal. It has a fluffier bud structure, but a high resin head ratio which allows for a great potency in a bud that grinds up nicely. With hues of purple pushing through the light green in some buds, its actually very very visually appealing. The BK does lose points though for the trimmer who didnt quite get all the sucker leaves.

Aroma: This kush has a very earthy soil smell which immediately strikes you. One you let the bud sit, it turns more sweet hashy smelling. When it has been ground up, it allows for the bouquet to really pop presenting lemon hints.

Taste Test: We were able to run a three way test on the bubba today (sounds terrible right?). Utilizing Smoking Black 1.25, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker with splashguard ice catcher.

Smoking Blacks -Once again the Papers take the taste test. You get such a smooth consistant flavor with this method. The smoke is very sweet tasting, and not harsh at all. It does the job very thoroughly, yet the only problem is the kush hash a problem staying lit throughout the whole joint.

Volcano-The volcano was broken out for this test after about a month of being stored. Immediately noticed the high. Almost couch locking in its effect. Definitely ruins your afternoon if you have something to do. The smoke was very dry, yet if you filter through a water bong while inhaling, it adds moisture and doesnt hurt your throat.

Glass Beaker- This this glass test, the smoke was very harsh. I prefer the other methods, although for amount of weed/high ratio this may be the most effective method. By smoking snaps, it allows you to maximize efficiency.

Overall, this Bubba Kush has been a great sample. Its aroma mixed with taste and high provide a great relief for medicinal and rec users, and its indica dominate characteristics allow you to get a great nights sleep. Or a good weed nap.


Thursday, March 18, 2010

just some teasers

New Updates Coming - I promise!

Sorry everyone for such a long delay, we are currently working on some new projects that will be up in the next few days.

On another note, April 20th is on the horizon folks. I hope you are all planning on spending it in a festive fashion.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Island Sweet Skunk

Well, its about that time again at SCR for another top notch cannabis review. Once again we apologize for the delay but we will continue to work to bring you all great reviews of great meds.

Sweet skunk is a great mostly sativa medicine that has been on the cannabis west coast scene for a long time. It offers great smell and taste, and the high potency allows for great home medicating.

Price:120 per 1/4 - 450 per oz
Purchased: donated to SCR
Lineage: Sativa/Indica Hybrid mostly Sativa
THC: 15-20%

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: When we first took the ISS nugs out of the bag, the first thing we noticed was the heavy heavy resin head production on the outside of the bud. The bud as a whole looks to have grown long and spindly in a sativa manner, but it is very sweet tasting unlike alot of other sativas we have tested. A great lime green color and good hair to calyx ratio.

Aroma: When we smelled this strain there was a bit of discord around SCR as of what it smelled like. My first impression was almost a sweet menthol smell, but as I took it in more, i realized that this ISS smelled just like a Urinal Cake or freshly cleaned bathroom. It also has very hashy undertones due to such a large amount of resin heads. Very unique smell getting a rare top score

Taste Test: Today we will be sampling the SSI in three different ways. Through the Organic Raw paper, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker.

Organic Raw-The taste of ISS out of a paper is amazing. Very sweet initial taste followed by the hashy taste we picked up in the visual test(9-10)

Volcano-Very smooth. Once again, because of the lower temperatures, the volcano allows for a more full bodied release, and as you raise the temp to around 360 you get a more hashy urinal cake taste. The "smoke" is much dryer though.

Glass Beaker- The glass test shows the actual power of the THC in ISS. One large hit later, I can definitely feel the effects, yet the taste is definitely lacking. You loose a lot of the individual flavors with the intense temps of the lighters.

Overall ISS offered a great well rounded medicine to go with your indica collections. A great med to wake and bake with due to its sativa nature, yet it also holds great potential for a late night smoke if your not quite ready to go into dream land....We are seriously looking forward to testing the rest of the 1/4 sample over the rest of the day


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mixed Strain Bubble Hash

So today SCR once again would like to bring you a great selection of bubble hash. Locally made from mixtures of Purple Kush and OG Kush, this hash is very complex. Its made of different sized microns so you get different quality resin throughout the ball, and when I say ball, I mean boulder.

Its very difficult to come across hashish in the south, and most people dont really know much about quality, so here at SCR we are working to provide you with detailed reviews about hash in the Metro Atlanta and Southern Areas.

Visual Appearance: This hash hash many different textures within the actual ball. It is very hard, and very very dense, but once you break it open you can see parts of the resin that have bonded together and formed a darker stickier goo. Here, we have been using the grinder and grinding it very fine for smoking out of the bong or in a joint with herb. It is great quality, but it loses it points due to the fact that it has different microns put together.

Aroma: This stuff smells amazing. Exactly like Kush, and its often hard to get that smell in a good bubble hash. Once it is ground it gives more of a sweeter essence. Its a great smell, and its always great to walk into SCR and smell that hashy smell floating around the room.

Taste Test: We decided to only taste this out of the bong, because once its been mixed with cannabis it loses most of its flavor and just becomes a generic hash taste.

When smoking hash we prefer in most cases to use double titanium or stainless steel screens in a glass water pipe. the tighter the mesh the better. Brass screens often work, and some smokers might prefer them, but we have found that after heavy use, the heating and reheating melts through the brass. SS offers a longer lasting life.

The taste when smoked is very smooth. Hash often allows you to take in bigger hits due to the fact it contains less combusted plant material than herb.
It taste almost identical to the way it smells, but the hashy earthy taste definitely overpowers the sweet.

Overall we felt like this hash exhibited some good qualities and some bad. Some of this hash is half melt, other parts dont melt at all. It had great smell and taste and it was very stable in terms of handling, yet when it came down to purity it lacked.
The high was seemingly (S/I) but this extract was not analyzed by scientific equipment so we are not 100%.


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bubble Hash - OG Kush

Sorry everyone for the delay. It has been such a busy time of the year, but we are constantly trying to bring you the best cannabis the south has to offer. This og kush bubble has comes from California and is a great extract to experience.

Price: 25 per gram
Purchased: donated to SCR
Lineage: Indica Sativa Hybrid
THC: 25-35%

Once again we have a great sample of Cannabis Extract. Bubble Hash is the result of mixing Bud and Leaves with ice water , Mixing, and then straining the resin heads in order to collect them. Although they are both different types of kush hash, they have very stark differences. Those differences mainly being the chemical and molecular breakdown of the THC and CBC. This results in Oil vs. Powder.

Visual Appearance: This hash has great bag appeal. Very dark brownish red with a shimmering appearance. The hash actually crumbles when smashed, but when you put it between two fingers you can squeeze it enough to turn into a malleable substance. I personally like the full melt bubble though and this stuff is only about 30% melt so it loses points.

Aroma: This stuff smells amazing. So earthy and kushy, its immediately noticeable as soon as you open the bag. It almost has a topsoil smell. Just like dirt. Once you squeeze the hash into a solid piece, the resin heads rupture and then release a smell that i cant describe any other way but foul. Tasty.

Taste test: This Hash is definitely a pleasure to smoke. Very complex taste that is very similar to the smell. Because it is so smooth, i can take massive bong rips without dying. You cough, but its more of a lung collapsing cough instead of a smoking hack.

When smoked with cannabis out of a paper, the taste is very very hashy. Not as earthy but more dry hash taste than expected. It also made my joint burn about twice as long. Very nice smoke.

Overall the OG kush Bubble was a great present, the perfect medicine to take you mind of what ails you. Although it is quite stong, you can dose accordingly in order to maximize efficiency. By increasing potency, you can then take in less raw smoked material - therefore increasing health.


Monday, February 15, 2010

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Volcano Vaporizor
Bubble Hash
Pressed Keif Crystals
Purp Varieties
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Wikka Keif Box

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kush Oil (I)

SCR loves bringing you reviews, but we love Kush Oil even more. With a pure indica stone, its very good bedtime medicine, and with a 40-50% THC content its definitely able to cure what ails you.

Great medicine for all your smoking needs!

Price $40 per gram
Purchased from: Local
Lineage: Afghani/Kush - Indica

Hash is very difficult to obtain in the city. Most product you receive or share is homemade Iso or Butane. If you are get lucky enough to get some commercial grade, it is usually only small batches. The staff at SCR received 2 grams of this medical grade Kush Oil to test and one vial later we are very happy to report we are still with you.

Honey oil potency varies but this particular batch is rated around 40-50%THC and is very strong. This oil is not recommended for beginners.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)
Visual Appearance: This concentrate is very very unstable. Its near liquid at room temperature so be careful and mind that without the proper tools its possible to waste a lot during handling. Very golden brown and when its smoked it bubbles and melts more.

Aroma: This oil has alot of distinct smells and flavors. My first impression is that it smells like what its made from - Kush. It almost has a sweeter aftertaste. Overall, its a great smelling product with a very distinct smell. I've smelt better, but its still very very good.

Taste Test: I really enjoy smoking this concentrate and I feel like the taste is what makes it so worth it. It reminds me of Kush, but with a skunkier aftertaste that is much smoother than most buds. It hold the aroma very well through burning and the exhalation taste great as well.

Overall SCR highly recommends that if you get a chance to sample any kind of Honey Oil take full advantage. You cannot beat the taste as far as concentrates go, and the high is amazing. The only drawbacks is the difficulty in handling but you get used to it with practice.

Friday, February 12, 2010

AK-47 (S)

AK47 is known throughout Amsterdam's Coffeeshops and California's Med Clinics and a legendary one hit wonder. I four way crossbreed coming from all reaches of the globe, this cannabis is truly a world renowned strain. The staff here at SCR will test these theories and see if AK47 lives up to all it cracked up to be.

Price: 55-1/8th, 100-1/4, 400-1oz
Purchased From:Stinky Hippy Friend
Lineage: Columbian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani

So when SCR received the phone call from our close friend who was traveling through Atlanta, we didn't miss out on the opportunity to sample one of his exotic strains rarely seen on the Southern Scene. Sativa strains often have different characteristics than indica; think Red wine vs. White wine, and offer different flavors and highs.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: Visually, this nugget is top notch. Lime Green buds with great trim. Small sativa leaves are minmal but noticeable, and the actual bud is very dense to the touch. Once removed from the bag and squeezed there was no noticeable compression. Resin head to hair ratio is very high for extra points(nothings better than looking at some resiny THC heads.)

Aroma: This AK47 sample immediately brings to thought the smell of cherries. As you continue inhaling, the scent morphs into more of a hashy sweet smell. Very pleasing to the nose yet it is also very complex. Sativas often offer a very different smell from many strains which we sample on a daily basis and its always a joy to get exotic strains.

Taste Test: Today we will be sampling the AK47 in three different ways. Through the Organic Raw paper, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker.

Organic Raw-Taste is very spicy, yet also very hashy. The cherry taste is slightly noticable, yet overpowered by the spicy. (6-10)

Volcano-Very smooth. At lower temperatures, full bodied flavors are released, and as you raise the temp to around 360 you get more of a thicker hashy taste.

Glass Beaker- Very Very Harsh Hit. I usually reserve the glassware for hash, yet i wanted to try the triple test. Maybe my lungs just arent are responsive as usual, im sure many bong smokers would enjoy it.

Overall a great change from many of the indicas and hybrids available, yet the high is just not where i wanted it to be. Mostly a heady high, when many many prefer indica body high or more of a mix of S/I


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Over the next few weeks SCR is going to be testing layouts and designs to see what is a perfect fit. Comment and let us know how you like the ideas!

Kronik Krispies by The Dank Lab Inc.

Today we are bringing you some great snacks all the way from Harborside Health Center. The staff here at SRC love getting special treats like these and love reviewing them even more. Thanks goes out to all the people working to make this site great!

By glancing at the plain packaging and the low budget labels you might assume that The Dank Lab's product might be just any other homemade rice crispy treat. In reality, this tiny product packs a nice punch in a edible treat that allows for medicating without inhaling.

Kronik Kripies are not only great recreationally, they work great for many medicinal purposes. The science behind this might seem complex; people might find themselves asking " How do I get medicated off rice krispies?" This works through THC molecules bonding with the fat in the budder which is later added to the recipe.

The perks of edibles are often debated, yet the fact is that they allow for THC absorption over a longer period of time and allow for people who medicate for certain conditions to be able to effectively get their medicine while enjoying their daily routine.

Visual Appearance: The Dank Lab Inc. has a pretty plain way of packaging their goods, Plain white wrapper with a printed off label. While the white wrap is definitely medicinally suitable, it doesn't give much of an aesthetic appeal and therefore gets a few points deducted. I personally like clear wrappers with neat labels.

Once you open the snack, it looks almost exactly like a normal rice krispy. Very marshmallowy and gooey. I actually ate it in a room full of people and it looked just like a normal treat. Overall, it was very stealthy and a great way to medicate on the go.

Aroma: Very slight cannabis smell, followed with a distint sugary sweet smell. Basically a rice krispy treat on ganja butter steroids. Not too overpowering, but allows you to know its quality ingredients. Not much else to say because this smell isn't complex as nugget.

Taste Test: Kronik Krispies have a very distinct taste. Like cannabis, but the sugar overpowers it and leaves you with a great aftertaste. They make different flavors as well working with fruity pebbles instead of regular rice krispies which completely eliminate the cannabis taste for those which cannabis doesn't sit well on their pallet. The only drawback is all the butter if your on a diet or its to heavy. Overall, Very Very Tasty!

Overall: B

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grand Daddy Purps - Classic Strain

So with this being SCR's first review, we can all think of this as a work in progress. Bare with us and we'll work to make this site the best it can be!

Starting off we have a little background information on this infamous strain.

Breeder: Clone Only (local grown)
Lineage: Not Known
Purchased: from local vender
Price: 65-1/8th, 120-1/4, 425-oz

This strain was purchased out of one of my local dealer's living rooms, and its definitely a great medicine to start with. Having gained massive popularity in Atlanta due largely to the strong rap and hip hop influence, GDP has been a constant player on the southern smoking scene for years. Having a great smell and taste this strain is great for recreational users and medicinal users will love its potent effects. Overall a great bud with a great high.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Examination:
At first glance the buds have a very nice visual appeal. Nice trichome coverage throughout and a very nice purple color on most of the buds(although there are a few green pheno'ed nugs in this sack.)

Once taken out of the bag, you notice the denseness of the nug. It has been compressed a bit which deducts points, yet it breaks out well and is very nice for rolling in papers or blunts.

The only issues with this GDP I have experienced are a few leaves that needed to be removed but other wise very dank.
(7 out of 10)

Aroma - CAUTION :This stuff will stink up the whole room when you open your jars and the whole house when its broken up to be rolled. Simply Put - smells amazing.
Definitely has hints of sweet floral with a complex undertone of earthy skunkyness. You cant really beat this smell but it gets a 9 of 10 because its not as exotic as other stinky strains.
(9 out of 10)

Taste Test: When smoked the sweetness definitely comes out over the other flavors. Personally, joints give the best flavor on my pallet so this test involved one 0.5g joint rolled in a RAW Organic Paper. Loses points due to flavor loss during burn and due to the fact its hydroponically grown
(8 out of 10)

A great overall smoke from taste to high. Very medicated feeling high - great for any condition that requires an indica medicine.

Final Score: A-

First Post - Upcoming Weeks

So over the next few weeks the staff here at Southern Cannabis Review will be working our hardest to get the blog up and running. Hopefully over the coming days we will be able to bring you the best medicinal quality cannabis, hashish, edibles, and glass reviews that Atlanta and the state of Georgia have to offer.

We look forward to the upcoming weeks and the great pictures that we will be posting!