Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Bubble Hash - OG Kush

Sorry everyone for the delay. It has been such a busy time of the year, but we are constantly trying to bring you the best cannabis the south has to offer. This og kush bubble has comes from California and is a great extract to experience.

Price: 25 per gram
Purchased: donated to SCR
Lineage: Indica Sativa Hybrid
THC: 25-35%

Once again we have a great sample of Cannabis Extract. Bubble Hash is the result of mixing Bud and Leaves with ice water , Mixing, and then straining the resin heads in order to collect them. Although they are both different types of kush hash, they have very stark differences. Those differences mainly being the chemical and molecular breakdown of the THC and CBC. This results in Oil vs. Powder.

Visual Appearance: This hash has great bag appeal. Very dark brownish red with a shimmering appearance. The hash actually crumbles when smashed, but when you put it between two fingers you can squeeze it enough to turn into a malleable substance. I personally like the full melt bubble though and this stuff is only about 30% melt so it loses points.

Aroma: This stuff smells amazing. So earthy and kushy, its immediately noticeable as soon as you open the bag. It almost has a topsoil smell. Just like dirt. Once you squeeze the hash into a solid piece, the resin heads rupture and then release a smell that i cant describe any other way but foul. Tasty.

Taste test: This Hash is definitely a pleasure to smoke. Very complex taste that is very similar to the smell. Because it is so smooth, i can take massive bong rips without dying. You cough, but its more of a lung collapsing cough instead of a smoking hack.

When smoked with cannabis out of a paper, the taste is very very hashy. Not as earthy but more dry hash taste than expected. It also made my joint burn about twice as long. Very nice smoke.

Overall the OG kush Bubble was a great present, the perfect medicine to take you mind of what ails you. Although it is quite stong, you can dose accordingly in order to maximize efficiency. By increasing potency, you can then take in less raw smoked material - therefore increasing health.