Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kronik Krispies by The Dank Lab Inc.

Today we are bringing you some great snacks all the way from Harborside Health Center. The staff here at SRC love getting special treats like these and love reviewing them even more. Thanks goes out to all the people working to make this site great!

By glancing at the plain packaging and the low budget labels you might assume that The Dank Lab's product might be just any other homemade rice crispy treat. In reality, this tiny product packs a nice punch in a edible treat that allows for medicating without inhaling.

Kronik Kripies are not only great recreationally, they work great for many medicinal purposes. The science behind this might seem complex; people might find themselves asking " How do I get medicated off rice krispies?" This works through THC molecules bonding with the fat in the budder which is later added to the recipe.

The perks of edibles are often debated, yet the fact is that they allow for THC absorption over a longer period of time and allow for people who medicate for certain conditions to be able to effectively get their medicine while enjoying their daily routine.

Visual Appearance: The Dank Lab Inc. has a pretty plain way of packaging their goods, Plain white wrapper with a printed off label. While the white wrap is definitely medicinally suitable, it doesn't give much of an aesthetic appeal and therefore gets a few points deducted. I personally like clear wrappers with neat labels.

Once you open the snack, it looks almost exactly like a normal rice krispy. Very marshmallowy and gooey. I actually ate it in a room full of people and it looked just like a normal treat. Overall, it was very stealthy and a great way to medicate on the go.

Aroma: Very slight cannabis smell, followed with a distint sugary sweet smell. Basically a rice krispy treat on ganja butter steroids. Not too overpowering, but allows you to know its quality ingredients. Not much else to say because this smell isn't complex as nugget.

Taste Test: Kronik Krispies have a very distinct taste. Like cannabis, but the sugar overpowers it and leaves you with a great aftertaste. They make different flavors as well working with fruity pebbles instead of regular rice krispies which completely eliminate the cannabis taste for those which cannabis doesn't sit well on their pallet. The only drawback is all the butter if your on a diet or its to heavy. Overall, Very Very Tasty!

Overall: B