Friday, February 12, 2010

AK-47 (S)

AK47 is known throughout Amsterdam's Coffeeshops and California's Med Clinics and a legendary one hit wonder. I four way crossbreed coming from all reaches of the globe, this cannabis is truly a world renowned strain. The staff here at SCR will test these theories and see if AK47 lives up to all it cracked up to be.

Price: 55-1/8th, 100-1/4, 400-1oz
Purchased From:Stinky Hippy Friend
Lineage: Columbian X Mexican X Thai X Afghani

So when SCR received the phone call from our close friend who was traveling through Atlanta, we didn't miss out on the opportunity to sample one of his exotic strains rarely seen on the Southern Scene. Sativa strains often have different characteristics than indica; think Red wine vs. White wine, and offer different flavors and highs.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: Visually, this nugget is top notch. Lime Green buds with great trim. Small sativa leaves are minmal but noticeable, and the actual bud is very dense to the touch. Once removed from the bag and squeezed there was no noticeable compression. Resin head to hair ratio is very high for extra points(nothings better than looking at some resiny THC heads.)

Aroma: This AK47 sample immediately brings to thought the smell of cherries. As you continue inhaling, the scent morphs into more of a hashy sweet smell. Very pleasing to the nose yet it is also very complex. Sativas often offer a very different smell from many strains which we sample on a daily basis and its always a joy to get exotic strains.

Taste Test: Today we will be sampling the AK47 in three different ways. Through the Organic Raw paper, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker.

Organic Raw-Taste is very spicy, yet also very hashy. The cherry taste is slightly noticable, yet overpowered by the spicy. (6-10)

Volcano-Very smooth. At lower temperatures, full bodied flavors are released, and as you raise the temp to around 360 you get more of a thicker hashy taste.

Glass Beaker- Very Very Harsh Hit. I usually reserve the glassware for hash, yet i wanted to try the triple test. Maybe my lungs just arent are responsive as usual, im sure many bong smokers would enjoy it.

Overall a great change from many of the indicas and hybrids available, yet the high is just not where i wanted it to be. Mostly a heady high, when many many prefer indica body high or more of a mix of S/I