Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Grand Daddy Purps - Classic Strain

So with this being SCR's first review, we can all think of this as a work in progress. Bare with us and we'll work to make this site the best it can be!

Starting off we have a little background information on this infamous strain.

Breeder: Clone Only (local grown)
Lineage: Not Known
Purchased: from local vender
Price: 65-1/8th, 120-1/4, 425-oz

This strain was purchased out of one of my local dealer's living rooms, and its definitely a great medicine to start with. Having gained massive popularity in Atlanta due largely to the strong rap and hip hop influence, GDP has been a constant player on the southern smoking scene for years. Having a great smell and taste this strain is great for recreational users and medicinal users will love its potent effects. Overall a great bud with a great high.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Examination:
At first glance the buds have a very nice visual appeal. Nice trichome coverage throughout and a very nice purple color on most of the buds(although there are a few green pheno'ed nugs in this sack.)

Once taken out of the bag, you notice the denseness of the nug. It has been compressed a bit which deducts points, yet it breaks out well and is very nice for rolling in papers or blunts.

The only issues with this GDP I have experienced are a few leaves that needed to be removed but other wise very dank.
(7 out of 10)

Aroma - CAUTION :This stuff will stink up the whole room when you open your jars and the whole house when its broken up to be rolled. Simply Put - smells amazing.
Definitely has hints of sweet floral with a complex undertone of earthy skunkyness. You cant really beat this smell but it gets a 9 of 10 because its not as exotic as other stinky strains.
(9 out of 10)

Taste Test: When smoked the sweetness definitely comes out over the other flavors. Personally, joints give the best flavor on my pallet so this test involved one 0.5g joint rolled in a RAW Organic Paper. Loses points due to flavor loss during burn and due to the fact its hydroponically grown
(8 out of 10)

A great overall smoke from taste to high. Very medicated feeling high - great for any condition that requires an indica medicine.

Final Score: A-