Friday, February 26, 2010

Island Sweet Skunk

Well, its about that time again at SCR for another top notch cannabis review. Once again we apologize for the delay but we will continue to work to bring you all great reviews of great meds.

Sweet skunk is a great mostly sativa medicine that has been on the cannabis west coast scene for a long time. It offers great smell and taste, and the high potency allows for great home medicating.

Price:120 per 1/4 - 450 per oz
Purchased: donated to SCR
Lineage: Sativa/Indica Hybrid mostly Sativa
THC: 15-20%

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: When we first took the ISS nugs out of the bag, the first thing we noticed was the heavy heavy resin head production on the outside of the bud. The bud as a whole looks to have grown long and spindly in a sativa manner, but it is very sweet tasting unlike alot of other sativas we have tested. A great lime green color and good hair to calyx ratio.

Aroma: When we smelled this strain there was a bit of discord around SCR as of what it smelled like. My first impression was almost a sweet menthol smell, but as I took it in more, i realized that this ISS smelled just like a Urinal Cake or freshly cleaned bathroom. It also has very hashy undertones due to such a large amount of resin heads. Very unique smell getting a rare top score

Taste Test: Today we will be sampling the SSI in three different ways. Through the Organic Raw paper, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker.

Organic Raw-The taste of ISS out of a paper is amazing. Very sweet initial taste followed by the hashy taste we picked up in the visual test(9-10)

Volcano-Very smooth. Once again, because of the lower temperatures, the volcano allows for a more full bodied release, and as you raise the temp to around 360 you get a more hashy urinal cake taste. The "smoke" is much dryer though.

Glass Beaker- The glass test shows the actual power of the THC in ISS. One large hit later, I can definitely feel the effects, yet the taste is definitely lacking. You loose a lot of the individual flavors with the intense temps of the lighters.

Overall ISS offered a great well rounded medicine to go with your indica collections. A great med to wake and bake with due to its sativa nature, yet it also holds great potential for a late night smoke if your not quite ready to go into dream land....We are seriously looking forward to testing the rest of the 1/4 sample over the rest of the day