Saturday, February 13, 2010

Kush Oil (I)

SCR loves bringing you reviews, but we love Kush Oil even more. With a pure indica stone, its very good bedtime medicine, and with a 40-50% THC content its definitely able to cure what ails you.

Great medicine for all your smoking needs!

Price $40 per gram
Purchased from: Local
Lineage: Afghani/Kush - Indica

Hash is very difficult to obtain in the city. Most product you receive or share is homemade Iso or Butane. If you are get lucky enough to get some commercial grade, it is usually only small batches. The staff at SCR received 2 grams of this medical grade Kush Oil to test and one vial later we are very happy to report we are still with you.

Honey oil potency varies but this particular batch is rated around 40-50%THC and is very strong. This oil is not recommended for beginners.

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)
Visual Appearance: This concentrate is very very unstable. Its near liquid at room temperature so be careful and mind that without the proper tools its possible to waste a lot during handling. Very golden brown and when its smoked it bubbles and melts more.

Aroma: This oil has alot of distinct smells and flavors. My first impression is that it smells like what its made from - Kush. It almost has a sweeter aftertaste. Overall, its a great smelling product with a very distinct smell. I've smelt better, but its still very very good.

Taste Test: I really enjoy smoking this concentrate and I feel like the taste is what makes it so worth it. It reminds me of Kush, but with a skunkier aftertaste that is much smoother than most buds. It hold the aroma very well through burning and the exhalation taste great as well.

Overall SCR highly recommends that if you get a chance to sample any kind of Honey Oil take full advantage. You cannot beat the taste as far as concentrates go, and the high is amazing. The only drawbacks is the difficulty in handling but you get used to it with practice.