Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hello everyone. I hope everyone is enjoying this great transition into spring. Here at SCR, we have been very busy securing the very best samples in order to provide the readers with great pictures and reviews.

Price:120 per 1/4 - 450 per oz
Purchased: Downtown Atlanta
Lineage: Indica Dominate
THC: ?

(all test rated on scaled of 0-10 - otherwise known as swag to dank)

Visual Experience: This bubba has great bag appeal. It has a fluffier bud structure, but a high resin head ratio which allows for a great potency in a bud that grinds up nicely. With hues of purple pushing through the light green in some buds, its actually very very visually appealing. The BK does lose points though for the trimmer who didnt quite get all the sucker leaves.

Aroma: This kush has a very earthy soil smell which immediately strikes you. One you let the bud sit, it turns more sweet hashy smelling. When it has been ground up, it allows for the bouquet to really pop presenting lemon hints.

Taste Test: We were able to run a three way test on the bubba today (sounds terrible right?). Utilizing Smoking Black 1.25, Volcano Vaporizer, and 9mm Illadelph Beaker with splashguard ice catcher.

Smoking Blacks -Once again the Papers take the taste test. You get such a smooth consistant flavor with this method. The smoke is very sweet tasting, and not harsh at all. It does the job very thoroughly, yet the only problem is the kush hash a problem staying lit throughout the whole joint.

Volcano-The volcano was broken out for this test after about a month of being stored. Immediately noticed the high. Almost couch locking in its effect. Definitely ruins your afternoon if you have something to do. The smoke was very dry, yet if you filter through a water bong while inhaling, it adds moisture and doesnt hurt your throat.

Glass Beaker- This this glass test, the smoke was very harsh. I prefer the other methods, although for amount of weed/high ratio this may be the most effective method. By smoking snaps, it allows you to maximize efficiency.

Overall, this Bubba Kush has been a great sample. Its aroma mixed with taste and high provide a great relief for medicinal and rec users, and its indica dominate characteristics allow you to get a great nights sleep. Or a good weed nap.