Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mixed Strain Bubble Hash

So today SCR once again would like to bring you a great selection of bubble hash. Locally made from mixtures of Purple Kush and OG Kush, this hash is very complex. Its made of different sized microns so you get different quality resin throughout the ball, and when I say ball, I mean boulder.

Its very difficult to come across hashish in the south, and most people dont really know much about quality, so here at SCR we are working to provide you with detailed reviews about hash in the Metro Atlanta and Southern Areas.

Visual Appearance: This hash hash many different textures within the actual ball. It is very hard, and very very dense, but once you break it open you can see parts of the resin that have bonded together and formed a darker stickier goo. Here, we have been using the grinder and grinding it very fine for smoking out of the bong or in a joint with herb. It is great quality, but it loses it points due to the fact that it has different microns put together.

Aroma: This stuff smells amazing. Exactly like Kush, and its often hard to get that smell in a good bubble hash. Once it is ground it gives more of a sweeter essence. Its a great smell, and its always great to walk into SCR and smell that hashy smell floating around the room.

Taste Test: We decided to only taste this out of the bong, because once its been mixed with cannabis it loses most of its flavor and just becomes a generic hash taste.

When smoking hash we prefer in most cases to use double titanium or stainless steel screens in a glass water pipe. the tighter the mesh the better. Brass screens often work, and some smokers might prefer them, but we have found that after heavy use, the heating and reheating melts through the brass. SS offers a longer lasting life.

The taste when smoked is very smooth. Hash often allows you to take in bigger hits due to the fact it contains less combusted plant material than herb.
It taste almost identical to the way it smells, but the hashy earthy taste definitely overpowers the sweet.

Overall we felt like this hash exhibited some good qualities and some bad. Some of this hash is half melt, other parts dont melt at all. It had great smell and taste and it was very stable in terms of handling, yet when it came down to purity it lacked.
The high was seemingly (S/I) but this extract was not analyzed by scientific equipment so we are not 100%.